Services in demolition, stripping and partial demolition

Our services are provided by three specialist teams in demolition, partial demolition and stripping. Combining the activities of several companies allows us to provide top-quality, cost-effective services. Our company’s own container service provides, in conjunction with our demolition company and our project managers, problem-free demolition, partial demolition or stripping.
Demolition – Demolition work
Demolition incl. waste disposal with the acquisition of waste disposal documentation for industry and private customers, demolition and stripping, redevelopment of old buildings, container service, facade demolition ...more
Partial demolition of buildings
Implementation of partial demolitions of buildings, separation of building materials, regulation of emissions of harmful materials, taking preventive measures for the protection of neighbouring buildings, stripping and demolition works, container services ...more
Stripping – demolition work
Stripping as partial demolition in order to retain facades, facade demolition as preparation for demolition, elimination of harmful substances, demolition incl. waste disposal with production of waste disposal documentation, redevelopment of old buildings, container services ...more