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Stripping – demolition work

Your specialist for stripping during demolition

Stripping is the partial demolition of a building, whereby facades are retained following the stripping process so that a new structure can be built behind them. In such cases the existing structure behind the facade is, as a rule, unsafe or no longer economically viable. A modern building is therefore constructed behind the historical facade, with the outer look of the building being retained in its entirety. Our company specialises in stripping as preparation for demolition. Stripping primarily serves as a necessary preparatory task for demolition when harmful substances, such as asbestos, are present. Advance stripping entails the removal of all elements containing asbestos from floors, walls and ceilings, as well as support pillars. Advance stripping means that emission levels are kept to the minimum possible level for subsequent demolition work.

Our stripping services include:

  • Stripping as partial demolition for the purpose of facade retention
  • Facade demolition
  • Stripping as preparation for demolition
  • Elimination of harmful substances through stripping
  • Demolition incl. waste disposal with production of waste disposal documentation
  • Redevelopment of old buildings
  • Container service for stripping